My Favorite Posts

If you're new here, or just looking for a cross-section of what I'm interested in, these are some of the posts I recommend you check out first.

Flip It Around

A whirlwind tour through one of the conceptually simplest techniques for better reasoning

Haskell Error Reduction

A beginner's guide to the ways Haskell helps us avoid errors

The Chebyshev’s Inequality Proof of the Weak Law of Large Numbers

Building up some intuition

You Have to be Willing to Lose

If you're always winning, you're doing something wrong

The Supreme Cleverness of Mario Kart’s Mirror Mode

Game design at its most efficient

Incentives are a Hell of a Drug

Thoughts on building habits and following through on goals

Forgetful Functors and Lossy Language

Generality, specificity, and their levels of precision