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If you’re looking for a cross-section of what I’m interested in, these are some of the posts I recommend you check out first.

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Make Your Own Haskell

My talk from Haskell Talks at Mercury 2022

Dependently Typed Activation Functions

Thoughts on sneaking proofs into hidden layers

Causal Normality

The need for going beyond propositional logic to capture causal structure

Building Lenses

Implementing basic Haskell lenses in twenty exercises

Haskell’s Type System Standing Alone

An unusual programming language

Deconstructing Hadamard Gates

A lot of simple math describing qubits

Tuple Prelude

A Template Haskell Adventure

Flip It Around

A whirlwind tour through one of the conceptually simplest techniques for better reasoning

Stanley Cup Probabilities

How likely is the winner of the first game to win the series?

Vanilla Policy Gradient

Reinforcement learning implementation in PyTorch