Media Diet

This is a list of media I consumed in 2020. Listings are ordered chronologically. I tried to make each row both unique and human-readable, without including too much redundant information that’s easy to look up elsewhere.


Title Author
Optics by Example: Functional Lenses in Haskell Chris Penner
Quantum Computing Since Democritus Scott Aaronson
The Little Typer Friedman, Christiansen
Human Compatible Stuart Russell
Deep Learning Goodfellow, Bengio, Courville
Consciousness Explained Daniel Dennett
Cambridge Handbook of Artificial Intelligence Frankish, Ramsey
Ending Aging Aubrey de Grey
Algebra: Chapter 0 Paolo Aluffi
Death Shelly Kagan
Atlas of Human Anatomy Frank Netter
The Art of PostgreSQL Dimitri Fontaine
Implementing Functional Languages: A Tutorial Simon Peyton Jones
The Life you can Save Peter Singer
Good and Real Gary Drescher
Living High and Letting Die Peter Unger
The Precipice Toby Ord
Fundamentals of Piano Practice Chaun Chang
The Perfect Wrong Note William Westney
Reasons and Persons Derek Parfit
Algebra-Driven Design Sandy Maguire
Dune Frank Herbert
Theorem Proving in Lean Avigad, de Moura, Kong
Designing Design Kenya Hara
Strangers Drowning Larissa MacFarquhar
Abstractions in Context:
Case Studies in Haskell Library Design
William Yao


Title Platform
Okami PC
Opus Magnum PC
Thinking with Time Machine PC
Return of the Obra Dinn PC
Bloodborne PS4
Marvel’s Spider-Man PS4
Eliza PC
Manifold Garden PC
Sekiro PC
Bully PC
Prey PC
A Short Hike PC
Soma PC
Super Mario Galaxy 2 Wii
Everything PC
Rainy Season PC
Echochrome PSP
Thrillville: Off the Rails PC
Stepmania PC
Animal Crossing: New Horizons Switch
Earthbound SNES
Satisfactory PC
Titanfall 2 PC
Outer Wilds PC
Ni No Kuni 2 PC
Ace Combat 7 Skies Unknown PC
Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order PC
Ultimate Chicken Horse PC
Donut County PC
Snakeybus PC
Doom Eternal PC
Scribblenauts Unlimited PC
Hollow Knight PC
Jedi: Fallen Order PC
Valorant PC
Persona 4 Golden PC
Resident Evil 2 PC
Planet Zoo PC
Ghost of Tsushima PS4
Dead Space PC
Mindustry PC
Super Mario Galaxy Switch
Super Mario Sunshine Switch
Spelunky PC
Astroneer PC
My Friend Pedro PC
Hades PC
Noita PC
Risk of Rain 2 PC
What the Golf PC
Among Us PC
Ori and the Will of the Wisps PC
Superliminal PC
SEGA Bass Fishing PC


Title Link
Quantum Supremacy using a Programmable
Superconducting Processor
Composing Contracts: An Adventure in
Financial Engineering
Functional Pearl: Enumerating the Rationals PDF
Do We Need Natural Language? Exploring Restricted
Language Interfaces for Complex Domains
An introduction to univalent foundations
for mathematicians
Playing Atari with Deep Reinforcement Learning PDF
Implicit Communication of Actionable Information
in Human-AI teams
The Chinese Room Argument SEP
Minds, Brains, and Programs
Jukebox: A Generative Model for Music
Time, Clocks, and the Ordering of Events in a Distributed System PDF
Visualizing Deep Neural Network Decisions:
Prediction Difference Analysis
Attention Is All You Need PDF


Name Institution ID
Intro to Quantum Computation University of Calgary CPSC 519
Programming with Categories MIT 18.S097
The Art of Mr. Bill Mr. Bill’s Tunes Seasons 3 & 4
Computer Science Theory Toolkit Carnegie Mellon 15-751

TV and Film

The Princess Bride
John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum
John Wick: Chapter 2
The Matrix
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
Hot Fuzz
My Neighbor Totoro
Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
Grave of the Fireflies