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2022 was pretty good. Here are some things I enjoyed about it.

Previous year-in-review posts:


I spent relatively a lot of time with my family at the beginning of the year. That was pretty nice.

I moved to LA in the summer.

I spent a week meditatively hiking through the Arizona desert.

I talked with my best friend more often.

I tried surfing, and learning how to longboard.


Work is pretty wild these days. I like how creative my role is. I do a lot of Haskell mentorship, which I’m thrilled about.

I gave a talk called Make Your Own Haskell.


I did relatively little coding outside of work compared to previous years. My interests are slowly becoming more artistic and less programmatic.


I did a little bit of digital painting and some photoshop, but towards the end of the year was mostly focused on learning 3d modeling in Blender. Like with programming, I started to do more at work and less outside of it—which is fine, it just means I get to enjoy work more.


2022 was a super musical year for me, which I’m happy about.

I recorded a short album of jazz piano Christmas songs.

I released a bunch of electronic songs on Spotify. 46 to be exact. Not really sure how that number got so high, since it sure didn’t feel like I was making anywhere close to a song a week. I think “Deep Time” was my favorite track I produced.

My favorite artist continued to be Mr. Bill. My favorite album released this year was kLL Bill. My favorite song was “Uncle Punch”. Spotting a theme?

I also loved “Twitched” and Quiet Bison’s new album. Over the course of the year, “Screening” might have morphed into my favorite song of all time.

I saw No Mana and EDDIE live, which was great.


My favorite video games I played for the first time in 2022 were Elden Ring, Death’s Door, Stray, Descenders, and Hyperbolica. I replayed Skyrim for a while as well.

My favorite “book” (I think it counts) was Counterexamples in Type Systems by Stephen Dolan.

Several things I read started leaning more towards psychology than in recent years. I don’t really love this trend, but it is interesting.

Refactoring UI had some nifty advice. Designing Type was strangely captivating. I want to read more books about design.

I also went on a bit of a cosmology kick. I especially liked The Little Book of Cosmology by Lyman Page.


I drove to Texas.1