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Finding Success (and Failure) in Haskell

This book is the beach read of Haskell books. Solid story, but nothing very challenging. Held my attention alright, but over really quickly. Oh, and the cover is pink with cursive purple lettering and an actual heart shape on it. It doesn’t help that I literally read it on the beach.

I’m not sure the book knows what audience it wants. The first two chapters are about conditionals, case expressions, and branching logic. However, by page 50 we’re using type applications and supposed to be comfortable working in the Maybe monad.

I did learn a bit about coercions and Validation, so it wasn’t all recap.

By page 150 we’re using prisms and isos. What kind of book covers if-then-else and also lenses? Anyways, it’s a light read. It’s over by page 200. More time to spend at the beach!