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Welcome! This page has way too much self-indulgent detail, but if you’re really interested in what I’m all about you can probably find it here.


You’re always welcome to email me. Seriously!


I grew up in Michigan. I’ve lived in California for several years, first in LA, then in Sacramento, then in San Francisco, and now again in LA.


I play tennis often. It’s probably my favorite sport, although I don’t like having to choose.

I’ve enjoyed almost every sport I’ve tried—baseball, basketball, tetherball, football, softball, soccer, table tennis, pickleball, kickball, dodgeball, wall ball, ultimate, and inner tube water polo, to name a few.

I also like a ton of other outdoorsy stuff. Most often this is hiking, but I’ve also done parasailing, whitewater rafting, mountain biking, skiing, rock climbing, kayaking, and more.

Video Games

I really like making video games. One of my favorites I’ve worked on was a virtual reality survival game in space called Disasteroids.

I have also played more video games than I care to admit. I’ve written reviews for some of them. I tend to like indie platformers and puzzle games.


For the past few years, I’ve kept public lists of the books I’ve read. I read almost exclusively nonfiction, because I like learning new things and trying to better understand how the world works. I wish I had more time to read fiction.

My favorite book is probably Learn You a Haskell for Great Good! because it set me down a path to a lot more learning about topics I find super interesting. My most treasured book from my childhood is 1000 Play Thinks.


I enjoy making music. I usually make electronic stuff. I learned the basics of how to play piano in third grade, and my skills have slowly improved since then.

I also like the flip side of that—dancing, music festivals, concerts, or just listening to stuff while I work. I have a playlist cycle four years in the making, aptly named Dance to This, Dance to That, Dance to These, and Dance to Those. I think it’s cool to see how my taste has changed over time.


This blog is my biggest collection of writing—over 150,000 words and counting. My favorite poem I’ve ever written is titled The Water’s Too Wet. My technical writing has been featured in Haskell Weekly several times: #156 - Type-Enforced Exponential Trees, #177 - Building Lenses, #263 - Record Updates Erase Tags, #276 - Counting Cardinalities, #284 - Tuple Prelude: A Template Haskell Adventure, and #293 - Haskell’s Type System Standing Alone.


I’ve been to 49 of the United States (not Alaska…yet). I’ve seen several parts of Canada. I’ve been to the following European and Asian cities: Athens, Barcelona, Beijing, Florence, Hong Kong, Lisbon, London, Madrid, Paris, and Rome. I’d like to see more of the world!


My favorite programming language is probably Haskell, but for quick stuff I’ll usually reach for Python since that’s what I’m fastest in.

I’ve been using Vim as my editor for many years. I also actually like Emacs quite a bit, but I got used to Vim first. The editor wars seem silly to me; clearly ed is the winner.

You can read my dotfiles if you’re into that sort of thing. The quick explanation is: Vim, tmux, and trying to remember to automate things.