mitchell vitez

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Hi there! I'm a programmer with fairly wide-reaching interests. My usual title these days is something like "software consultant", although exactly what I do changes quite a bit from project to project.

I really like improving the way code is written, and studying different programming languages. My favorite one (for now) is probably Haskell.

Here's what I've been up to:

I started Hylomorphic, where we build custom machine learning pipelines using Haskell and TensorFlow

Presented at Hacker Lab's Startup Hustle Pitch Night

Wrote technical blog posts about functional programming and machine learning

Implemented testing, code review, improved logging, and other best practices at Barsala, including a full-codebase review to ensure high quality standards

Joined forces with AdmitAlly during crunch time to help them match college mentors with prospective high school students, using TypeScript

Helped Rookie Road set up Python data ingestion pipelines to automatically catalog and organize thousands of documents about the rules and glossary terms related to various sports

Worked remotely with Serokell on several cryptocurrency projects in Haskell

Built a full history manager with command autocompletion for Ariadne, an open-source wallet for Ada

Added custom ADTs to the Cardano Settlement Layer to improve error encoding

Introduced a machine learning pipeline at Edible to automatically label restaurant menu items based on diets they fit (vegetarian, dairy-free, etc.)

Built a home medical self-care app for Armor Health on a deadline, using Elm and Haskell (Yesod) to eliminate runtime errors in the full stack

Interned at BookBub, building web components with React and Ruby on Rails, where authors and publishers could interact

Researched prostate cancer genomics using multi-gigabyte lncRNA data, using R, Bowtie, TopHat, and Bash for large dataset analysis on Flux HPC cluster

In school, I was the president of Michigan Hackers, which helps people learn the skills they need to make what they want to make

While you're here, feel free to play some games or check out some of my tech talks

If you like what you see here, feel free to get in touch. I'm always looking for interesting new projects!